“Jack of all trades”

We all have preconceived ideas and perceptions about other people, situations and even about ourselves.  A preconceived idea is an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.  It is when we believe something to be true before really knowing that it is. We mostly want the perceptions that others have of us to be positive.  We […]

Introducing wonder woman

I have been blessed throughout my life with amazing people that taught me, believed in me and shaped the person I am today.  One of the most important influences I’ve ever had and never really realised until only recently was my grandmother.  Martha Elizabeth Eloff – or as we called her “Ouma Toitjie”. With the […]

In pursuit of excellence

A few years ago I participated in Mrs. South-Africa. It was an amazing and eye opening journey, one that lead me to understand, love and respect myself on a whole other level. It made me challenge my beliefs and brought me to a place where I could re-discover parts of myself that was long forgotten. […]

Progress over perfection

One thing that seems to be birthed into little boys is the primitive instinct to want to WIN.  To make sure they arise the victor in well, anything and everything they do. We have two preschool boys and in our home the contests ranges from who runs the quickest, who farts the loudest (cringe!!!) to […]


In 1976, Kodak was the leaders in their field and their name was synonymous with photography.  In 2012 they filed for bankruptcy and, although they exist today, they still struggle. In 2000, Blockbuster sat at the top of the video rental industry with thousands of retail outlets and millions of customers. Today, Blockbuster is nothing […]

And isn’t it ironic

A few months ago, when everyone geared up for the year of “double” blessings and abundance, feeling ready to take on the world I was exhausted.  Physically, emotionally and mentally on a LOW and I needed a time-out. I just couldn’t get over this nagging feeling that something has got to give. Fast forward to a […]